Weather Or Not

Growing up in California has made me very spoiled about seasons. Sure, I’ve spent the last three years in Oregon but that doesn’t mean I’m not confused when April rolls around and it’s not consistently gorgeous weather everyday. Unfortunately for my vitamin D levels, it has been an unusually cold and long winter in Switzerland. Back in February I was talking with a woman who has lived in Lausanne for several years and she told me that typically there is about a week of snow that marks the high season of winter. That cold season extended itself beyond seven days and all the way until the end of March. There are been a few random days and moments of days with sun, some of which I spend on the floor of my room so as to have prime access to the rare rays of sunshine.

The first thing to know about European weather is that it cannot be accurately predicted by It’s continually been outrageously wrong. For instance, this past Tuesday it predicted a thunderstorm to roll into Lausanne at 5:00pm, right after I finish my last class of the day. Being strategic, I went on a run earlier in the day to avoid the storm. As I sat in class, I noticed that instead of the sky becoming coated in looming clouds the sky was becoming more and more blue. As the clouds whisked away, so did my motivation. After class, my friend Katherine and I broke in her new ping pong equipment at the table in our courtyard. (Lausanne is littered with ping pong tables.)

That thunderstorm did come eventually though. Katherine and I went to Geneva on Thursday and just wandered around since it was a gorgeous day. Worried about the actual homework we needed to do, we left Geneva in the afternoon. We talked about studying outside and I made a joke that if would be funny if it wasn’t sunny in Lausanne. While on the train, Katherine checked the weather and informed me that a thunderstorm was on it’s way. With some pretty impressive timing, we arrive back to our apartments with about 30 minutes to spare before the thunder and lightening storm came. (FYI: I’ve never experienced a thunderstorm in Oregon. The last storms I remember are (1) the last night of the Sasquatch Music Festival in 2011 during Wilco’s set and (2) one night while I was at my friend’s cabin in Shasta when I was 16.)

Stay tuned for a post on how I attempt to balance comfort with European appropriateness in terms of my “spring” clothing…

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