How To Soothe A Restless Soul

I seem to have gotten used to being on the move, since I have been away and traveling for the past five weekends. I’m not one who likes to sit still anyway. Even since childhood I’ve been that way. My mom likes to tell people that I started to run before I could walk (which apparently isn’t physically possible for a toddler but whatever it’s a cute anecdote). To deal with my excess amounts of energy, my mom enrolled me in gymnastics so I could bounce on a trampoline and jump into a foam pit for a few hours every week. Even nowadays this restless energy is still present. I’m pretty bad at being in one place for too long or even just “being bored.” All of the traveling has been great for my restless soul because I’ve been constantly on the move and with very little time to sit still. My body probably hates me though for my month-long cold and poor eating habits. 

But traveling can get so addicting. Upon my return from traveling with Elena in the Bernese Oberland, I started to plan out the trips I could squeeze into my remaining weeks in Switzerland. On Monday, I was feeling anxious and impulsive and booked a trip to visit Gracie in southern France. I later learned this was the weekend before two exams but I figure I can just combine travel time and study time. 

This week in Lausanne was probably the most routine-like one I’ve had in a while. Maybe it was the toll of actually going to all of my classes, but I felt the restlessness ensue again. And with the temperatures (temporarily) reaching the upper 60s, I felt my motivation slowly dwindling as well. With over four full days spent in Lausanne (the longest duration in over a month), I felt the immediate urge to get back out there. On Thursday morning, I decided to hop on the train to Montreux so I could walk along the lake and go someplace different. Montreux is so gorgeous in the springtime, with beautiful flowers lining the lakeside walk from the train station to the famous Château de Chillon. There are so many little boat docks, shaded benches, tanning areas and swimming spots all along the walk as well. For some reason, both the mountains and the water are more impressive from Monteux than at Lausanne. You can see the green of the trees along the mountains and the water is a more-inviting blue. 

Whether it was all the vitamin d or the solo excursion itself, I came back in a better mood. I’m going to have to hold tight for another 6 days before I’m off to Interlaken with Clara on my next adventure. Until then I just will try to squeeze as much as I can out of my time left in Europe–48 days!


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