Lausanne Livin’

In the past month, I’ve only spent nine days in Lausanne. That time includes by trip to Budapest, spring break in Italy, a weekend in Paris and two days hiking in the Bernese Oberland. With my time abroad quickly dwindling, I’m trying to squeeze every bit of thrill out of this experience. Unfortunately, I am not constantly traveling, but Lausanne has been stepping up it’s game while I’ve been around.

  • The day I returned from Italy, I went on a run not to waste the sunny weather and was surprised to find that the sun also indicated warmth!
  • That week I got to attend a hockey game, which was on my list of things to do in Switzerland. I got to see Switzerland smash France all within the arena/rink/stadium? in Lausanne. There was also one fight at the very end which was almost more thrilling then the five Switzerland goals. Luckily the venue wasn’t freezing cold, because I am a little bit over the cold weather. 
  • Upon returning from Paris, the weather was once again gorgeous. Dear Europe, sorry I’m not sorry for wearing shorts when the weather is warm. I was definitely the only person I saw in shorts that day, so good thing I didn’t go with one of my signature pair of cutoffs. 
  • The following day was even more gorgeous! And I have Elena visiting as well. We trekked up the hill from Lausanne Gare all the way to the fresh food market in Place de St. François. We then walked along the lake and all the way to UNIL, catching sites of Spring in Switzerland such as cloudless skies and blooming flowers. (It took about two hours for that whole stroll.) We both even got a little pink from all the sunshine! 
  • The University here has busted out the sheep, which are the grass-mowing technology they use here. They make the walk to the library a little more enjoyable. 

Every time I travel, I get incredibly restless and just want to continue on to my next adventure. In the meantime, I’ll sit back and savor the small nuances of Lausanne–41 days left!


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