Last week, I went to a semi final soccer game here in Lausanne. My group was from the other canton (Valais) so we were routing for the away team, Sion. The visitors’ section was bumpin’ though! For the entire game, there were at least three guys with megaphones perched in front of the crowd, directing the chants. The number of Lausanne supporters was bismal because apparently this is not the most ecstatic region for soccer fans. We definitely had the better night because we won 2-0! We got a goal in the first half and then nothing happened in the game until the very end when Lausanne gave up a penalty kick and Sion got another goal to seal the deal. We even had fireworks to celebrate. Allez, Sion, allez!

I spent the majority of the game freezing because I was dressed for the pub night afterwards and told my group: “I wish I was kidding when I say that I forgot about socks.” To be fair, I was not expecting to be standing on cement steps for the 90 minutes. (They had me stand on some cardboard to insulate my feet. They also suggested mulled wine, but the stadium ran out of it before the second half.) I also thought that since I survived two nights of Fasnacht and two days of skiing that I was used the cold. Unfortunately I was wrong but luckily I still had a great time.

After the game ended we were walking to the pub night but made a quick stop in a random bar. It was great because we could grab beers and I could begin to feel my toes again. After another bar-related detour, I finally make it to the club to meet up with the exchange students for an evening of dancing. Just another typical Wednesday as an UNIL exchange student.

The game has ignited my love for sports because now I want to see another soccer game or go to a hockey match or play foosball or actually play soccer because it’s been too long! Shout-out to the WU Women’s Club Soccer Team! Miss you all and can’t wait to be back in the fall, even if I’ll be the solo senior!


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