A Day in the Life

For those of you who might be fooled by my Facebook photos and think my time in Switzerland is just full of skiing and clubbing, let me give you a rundown of how I started my week.

Lundi 25 fevrier 2013.

10:00–Class, Lecture de textes, d’images. Told the professor my name was spelled J-O-R-D-E-S because apparently after four days of not speaking French I forgot how to pronounce the letter “E.”

12:15–In order to use the sports center here, everyone must attend a ninety-minute session about health, fitness and the body. After that you receive a signed form that you must take to the hidden secretary’s office to pay the 20 francs for a card that allows you access. It is also the first place I have ever been to that doesn’t accept Visa or Mastercard. Only in Switzlerand.

14:00-15:00–Walk through the cold to get to the Swiss bank to withdrawal l’argent liquide so I could pay for a “hip hop funk” dance class.

15:00–Renew my monthly transit pass that apparently expired the day before.

15:30–Bought shoes on sale for 20 CHF.

16:00-17:00–Went grocery shopping where I picked up some fresh bread, birchermüesli and some other quality items.

17:15–Come back to a lovely note left on my refrigerator by the housing management informing my flatmates and me of all the cleaning tasks that need to be done. The housing manager here makes consistent rounds to ensure that the living spaces are kept thing. Just an example of the Swiss liking their control.

18:30-20:00–Turns out that “hip hop funk” actually means “hip hop house.” For an hour an a half, I learned some completely useless moves. One was called “Jack in the Box.” I guess I was expecting a 90 minute dance sesh or to learn some moves I could take to the clubs. All in all, I will not be going back to that.

20:30-23:00–Attend a “Wine and Chocolate” birthday celebration, which also worked as my dinner.

23:30–Return to my room and realize I still have some reading for tomorrow and I have to get up early to talk to the housing management and I should shower. Instead I just eat some brie and bread.

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